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Coming soon, the album Gemini Rising – 12 original songs written and performed, by me, at the age of 15. This is unlike any other project I’ve undertaken. Gemini Rising pinballs between genres and features a 70’s inspired guitar epic, folk songs with pop sensibilities, a melodic funk tune, mournful acoustic ballads, and Texas blues inspired grooves to take the listener on a musical journey and multi-genre experience. I wrote and performed the songs and played all electric and acoustic guitars on this album. I hope you enjoy it!

The album title, and the theme of the title track, is derived from my study of Greek Mythology, specifically, the myth of the Gemini star constellation.

Castor and Pollux were twin brothers. Pollux was immortal, and Castor mortal. One day, Castor, during a fierce battle, was killed. Pollux could not bare to live through the grief. Distraught, he begged the Gods to grant Castor half of his eternal life. So the Gods, taking pity on Pollux said the only way it was possible for the brothers to share immortality was if they placed them in the heavens, as a star constellation, and thus, the brothers live for eternity by each other’s side.

The archetype of the Gemini constellation and myth of Castor & Pollux inspired my writing which was adapted to reflect the central themes of love, longing, loss, separation, pain, sacrifice, and redemption that touch each and every one of our lives.  The other songs on the album feature sharp social critiques and observations, and also some good times fun.

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