Always learning

Hi, I’m Liam.  

I've played over 100 times in public since the age of 7. 

At age 11, I played live with local musicians and also opened shows for Mississippi Delta Bluesman Terry “Harmonica” Bean, Maple Blues Award Winner Rick Fines, and BC Hall of Fame Inductee Doug Cox. 

At 12, I was asked to play at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo, BC by Maple Blues Award Winner David Gogo on a lineup with David Gogo, Ken Hamm, and David Vest.  I opened Ken Hamm's solo show in Parksville, BC, opened a show for the legendary Terry Robb, and was invited to play my first ever festival - Texada Roots & Blues Festival. 

At age 13, I recorded my debut CD "Modern. Magic. Melody." and was asked to play at the 2020 Vancouver Island MusicFest and Nanaimo Summertime Blues Festival. I was also nominated for a Maple Blues Award in the 'New Artist of the Year' category, becoming the youngest person in the 23 year history of the awards to be nominated.

I am an official partner of Taylor Guitars.

I enjoy what I do. I hope some of you do too.

blues alleviating my community

My music has given me an opportunity to make a difference in my community.   

I’ve raised thousands of dollars for local charities by playing in public.   

By busking with my younger brothers, we raised enough to fund the local homeless shelter for 2 full days and nights providing housing and food for up to 30 people per night.   

We also busked our blues songs to raise enough money to feed a child in my community for one full year through the Food Bank.   

After that, we busked our songs at a local market and throughout the area and raised enough money to fund the community Soup Kitchen for 1 week feeding up to 125 people per day with warm, nutritious food.   

Most recently we raised a 4-figure sum for a charity supporting families struggling financially due to the cost of caring for a sick child.   

My Story

I got my first guitar when I was 4.  

When I was 7, I saw Slash playing a solo for Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns’n’Roses. I loved that solo and wanted to learn it. So I taught myself the solo and the full song.  

When I was 8, I went to see Tommy Emmanuel. I met Tommy and he signed my guitar. I’ve played that guitar so much his signature rubbed off.  

I saw Tommy play Deep River Blues by Doc Watson.  I wanted to learn that and worked hard at it until I could get close. I'm always learning and improving.  

Seeing Tommy and learning Doc Watson led to me finding Robert Johnson on Youtube.  From there, I found Charlie Patton, Fred McDowell, Son House, Muddy Waters and many more.  I’m so lucky I went to see Tommy that night.  It changed my life.  

I’m always learning and always will be.  I heard Tommy Emmanuel saying he’s still learning.  If Tommy Emmanuel is still learning, then I will always be learning.  

By the time I was 8, I could play things on the guitar that my Dad couldn’t.  So, I kept on teaching myself and I watched videos and I kept learning and getting better every day.  

My goal now is to keep learning from everyone I meet.


Liam, when he was 7 years old.

my guitars

I’ve saved for and bought each guitar I play.     

I started playing a Beaver Creek acoustic guitar when I was very young and then a Yamaha acoustic guitar.     

When I turned 8, I saved my own money to buy a Taylor GS-Mini which I have used ever since.  Tommy Emmanuel and Terry Robb played my guitar when I met them and Tommy signed it when I met him in Victoria, however I've played it so much his signature has worn off.  I have a photo to prove it though!     

I am now an official partner of Taylor Guitars.

I also play a Vaschenko S-style electric guitar.

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